Microformat Shiv

A light-weight, cross browser microformats JavaScript parser. Rewritten in Feb 2013 to parse the latest version 2 microformats specification. How includes browser extension examples for Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

Microformat Node

A microformat parsing for node.js. Rewritten in Jan 2013 to parse the latest version 2 microformats specification.

Microformats 2 Test Suite

Used by the parser developers to test compliance to the microformats specification. Dec 2012


Control an AR-Drone by waving your hands. Links a Kinect through node.js to a drone

Ident Engine

Social media profile aggregator API Built with elsewhere-profiles and elsewhere-mapper

Elsewhere Profiles

Social media profile aggregator for node.js

Elsewhere Mapper

Social media profile endpoint mapper for node.js.


A JavaScript library that allows user to pass data between web sites using drag and drop

Historical and/or no longer available online


An open sourced .Net microformats parser and web based API.

Microformats Test Suite

Used by the major parser developers including Mike Kaply for testing the Firefox Operator Extension

Social Graph Explorer

Server based demo that aggregates profiles and user generated content from social media sites.

Portable Social Networks Demo

Built before Google’s Social Graph API, combines a rel=me spider and parses hCard profiles

Microformats to Portable Contacts API

An API that converts microformats into the Portable Contacts JSON schema.

hResume To Word API

An API that can converts hResumes like those on Linked-in into Word or PDF documents


Backnetwork was a series of professional networks built around the attendees of a given event.