I am equally as passionate about information design as coding. For the last few years I have been addicted to exploring data portability. When possible, I speek at web events locally and internationally. I have also started to advise on tech company boards.


Career History

Board Advisor - Firefly Learning – current

Helping the Firefly board with advice on growth and business development. Firefly provides a leading SaaS learning platform for schools. Making it simple for students, teachers and parents to create, share and learn.

Non-executive Director - Madgex – current

I am actively involved in the strategic direction of Madgex. Where useful, I apply my expertise in product development and design both strategically and practically. I take a keen interest in the companies mobile and frontend application development.

JavaScript Development - Mozilla 4 months

I was asked by Mozilla to take my open source microformats library and turn it into a component for use within Firefox. This included a large-scale update of the current microformats test suite and all tooling needed for automated testing. I decided to do this work without pay, as Mozilla is a non-profit I have long admired.

Technical Consultant - Brandwatch 4 months

Work as a external technical consultant helping research and develop an identity aggregation system for the authors of social media contents.

Co-Founder and Director - Madgex (12 years)

Madgex is a world-leading supplier of job board products to the media industry. Its clients include The Guardian, The Times, Washington Post and many of the largest European B2B magazine publishers. We currently manage over 200 job boards for our clients. I founded the company with two former co-workers and we have taken it from a kitchen table to a well-respected multi-million pound enterprise.

Intranet Architect - Virgin Atlantic (2 years) ()

I designed the intranet from the ground up, directing the information design and the technical architecture. A major part of the project was constructing an environment that encouraged large scale independent contribution. My final focus at Virgin was creating a LDAP based MetaDirectory which provided contact and authentication services for the whole enterprise.

Senior Interactive Designer - CCS (Parexel) 4 Years

CSS was a design and marketing group specialising in the pharmaceutical sector. My primary role was information architect. I designed and built large multimedia information systems for intranets, kiosks and CD-ROMs. I worked at all levels with clients such as Pfizer, Bayer and Glaxo Wellcome, including providing intranet architecture consultancy.

Contact Information

Glenn Jones

Founder/Director, Madgex

1 Gloucester Place, Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom, BN1 4AA

+44 (0)1273 810800