This site is powered by two experimental personal publishing platforms. The first I just call Store, it allows me to edit a collection html documents in Google Docs which are then parsed into JSON and provided to the site through an JSON API. The second is called Transmat and is a web hosted microformats document system with a Restful JSON API

I am building the site to follow the principles and guidelines of the Indie Web movement, including:

  • Self-hosted site using my personal, primary domain
  • Microformats 2 markup, including h-entry and h-card
  • Syndication of my content to silos like Twitter via POSSE
  • The site has a complete copy of my twitter history using a backfill tool
  • Like, replies etc WebActions
  • Comments, using WebMention
  • Full JSON support for each content URL by simply adding /json to the end of any URL

The site used sendgrid for email