Fullstack 2015 notes

Listed below are some of my favourite sessions from Fullstack 2015 conference. This post is a collection of links for when I am talking to someone about that speaker or project I cannot remember. SkillMatter have published videos, unfortunately only for people with a logon. The talks where of a high standard and I enjoyed the event. The one sad thing about Fullstack was the lack of diversity, which really needs to be addressed before its put on again.

Scaling Node.js Applications with Microservices

by Armagan Amcalar - video

Distributed peer to peer architecture for building microservices with Node.js.

  • cote.js “An auto-discovery mesh network framework for building fault-tolerant and scalable applications”

WebRTC Reborn

Dan Jenkins - video, slides

Great talk on where WebRTC is after 3-4 years. Includes discussion of the use of signaling servers.

Debugging your Node.js applications - tools and advice

Stewart Addison - video

Although this was a general talk about debugging Node.js, the interest element was IBM’s work with appmetrics and appmetrics-elk. There was also a nice intro into using heapdumps and chrome.

  • appmetrics A tools for monitoring resource and performance data form Node.js-based applications
  • appmetrics-elk A dashboard built using the ELK stack (ElasticSearch, LogStash and Kibana) using visualising data from appmetrics

Workshop: PM2 to manage your micro service app & Keymetrics to monitor them

Alexandre Strzelewicz - video

This was a workshop on now to use PM2 to run your Node.js applications. The speaker also showed the power of Keymetrics, a very polished UI for monitoring resource and performance data from Node.js. Keymetrics has good alerting/notification features. The background issue with both PM2 functions and Keymetrics prices is it seems to run against the move to container systems like Docker.

  • PM2 Production process manager for Node.js applications with a built-in load balancer for processor cores.
  • Keymetrics Monitor and orchestrate multiple servers with the same dashboard, built on top of PM2 to grab statistics from your applications.

Chrome DevTools Deep-dive

Addy Osmani - video

A look at performance profiling, JavaScript debugging and animation inspection in Chrome’s dev tools.

The Web Is Getting Pushy

Phil Nash - video, sildes, code

A demo of push notifications the standard version and with service worker. The demo also had some great walk throughs of the code needed for push notifications.

We fail to follow SemVer – and why it needn’t matter

Stephan Bönnemann - code, twitter

Stephen talked about the need for semantic releases and his work taking forward ideas from Angular commit message guidelines to an new auto versioning system used by Hoodie.

Surviving Micro-services

Richard Rodger - video, slides, code

For me the best talk of the conference, on how message-oriented systems can fail. Richard covered common failure patterns and methods for their mitigation. Its also an introduction to Seneca.js.

The Javascript Database for Javascript Developers

Mark Nadal - video

Mark gave talk on Gun a realtime, peer-to-peer graph database. It works in the browser and on servers with some interesting sync capabilities. It can also be use as an offline database like Pouchdb.

Civilising Bluetooth Low Energy: bringing BLE devices to the web

Jonathan Austin

A really interesting talk about Bluetooth Low Energy devices and thier future. Demo of chrome interacting with Bluetooth device.

Workshop: Developing Micro-services

Peter Elger

This was a workshop to build and deploy an example microservice system. It utilize a number of technologies including Node.js, Mqtt, Docker and InfluxDB.

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