Looking for new things to do

From this Friday I am looking for new things to do. I have pulled out of working full time at the company I co-founded. I will remain a director and major shareholder, and no Madgex is not in trouble in fact the opposite, it has just had its most profitable quarter in its history. After helping restructure it over the last year I have the opportunity to do other things.

This has left me in the lucky position of being able to follow my passions. I want to try to take the product research and design I have done commercially for years and mix it with my interests in open web and standards development.

In the next few months I want to research and build projects in a number of areas:

  • Web Intents/Activities
  • Personnel data stores using services like Dropbox
  • Possibility of semantic data reuse
  • Mobile web apps – the right way

I am sure within a few months I will want to work with teams again as I always want to design and build products that impact people’s lives, that usually means lots of calibrations, but at first I want some time to open my mind to new people and ideas.

No sitting on beaches for me. Watch this space I am about to turn up the volume…

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Awesome! Looking forward to the result of your investigation!