Talking at UX Brighton 2024

I'm incredibly excited to be speaking at UX Brighton 2024 in November! This year's conference theme, "What do UX designers, researchers, and managers need to know about AI?", perfectly aligns with my interests. I'm developing a talk about how the new generation of ML will reshape user interface patterns.

UX Brighton 2024 - UX & AI
Friday 1 November, Brighton Dome

After brainstorming with event organizer Danny Hope, this is talk title and description I am going with:

Human conversations with grids of numbers

The rise of large language models signals a new era in machine learning. Yet, these grids of numbers, while impressive, offer a faltering facade of true human communication. Past research reminds us that conversation is a beautiful, chaotic, and profoundly human tool that resists easy replication.

However, there is a seed in generative AI of something to come: tools that can generate individualised and ethereal interactions. Emerging reasoning capabilities that can interact with the experiences we have built for humans, which act as agents on our behalf. These systems hold the promise of eventually working in collaboration with us, through our greatest tool – spoken and written language.

In this talk Glenn will explore possible AI driven user experiences. What will be the place for graphical interfaces in a world of conversational AI? Will chat UI design patterns prove to be just a passing adolescent phase – something we’ll all soon look back on with a wry smile.

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